[Fonc] noctivagous
John Pratt
2016-06-05 00:01:27 UTC
Some people know that the Smalltalk-80 book had a bunch of impromptucomputer graphics drawings as decoration, which I think was remarkable for the time.
For those of you who are interested in computer graphics as the topicrelates to aesthetics-- specificially the improvement of a person's interaction experiencewith vectors-- I have put together a project called Noctivagous(which I have mentioned previously on this list, but not for a long time).
I have had the opportunity to add to this project lately and I am searching for people who have Objective-C experience to help me complete it.
You can watch the video I put together as an introduction at https://vimeo.com/169320008 ,which includes me explaining the program and its basis.
The full text explanation of the program is at http://noctivagous.com/